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Introducing USPS Smart Locker

October 5, 2023
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USPS® Smart Lockers have been designed to improve the overall package experience by providing a safe, secure, and convenient alternative delivery location for customers. With growing concerns related to package theft and an increased desire for more flexibility, today’s business and consumer customers expect alternative delivery options.

State-of-the-art USPS Smart Lockers are being installed in select Post Office™ lobbies across the country — and many will have 24/7 access. Shippers will be able to incorporate USPS Smart Lockers into their eCommerce experience. Package recipients will be able to select a Smart Locker as their delivery location during checkout and retrieve their packages directly from the locker using a simple QR code emailed to them by the Postal Service™.

Smart Lockers help address evolving customer needs and preferences when it comes to package delivery:

Enhanced security. Package receivers can rest easy knowing that their packages have been delivered to a secure Smart Locker location. Package shippers have reduced losses from porch pirates.

Expanded self-service for package recipients. Package recipients can scan a QR code to retrieve their package directly from a Smart Locker without the need to wait at the retail counter.

Added visibility. Package shippers can see when their package has been delivered to a locker and when the recipient has retrieved it, providing additional insight into the recipient delivery experience.

“The Postal Service is committed to continuing to provide the best package experience for our customers, and we are excited to bring them new self-service options with Smart Locker,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Innovative Business Technology. “On top of increased package safety, security, and convenience for our customers, the impact of Smart Lockers will be seen in shorter retail window lines and more time spent on meaningful customer interactions.”

The Smart Locker offering will elevate customer experiences by providing a free, out-of-home delivery alternative, increasing shipping choice, and unlocking a world of safe, secure, and convenient package shipping and delivery.

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