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US bill introduced to make post office a digital ID dispensary

October 5, 2023

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A logical idea in the U.S. to get more people enrolled in a trusted digital ID program has become proposed legislation.

The history of biometric identification in the United States has been one of half-measures, programs created by individual states and isolated agency efforts. Whether it is the result of national leaders accepting the technology or its need, the legislation could result in greater digital security for ordinary Americans.

A more strategic digital ID bill, also introduced this year, would overlie the new legislation, which is more about service delivery.

It is important to note that the Post Office Services for Trustworthy Identity Act would only give the postal service – the most trusted unit of the federal government – permission to create an in-person program.

But if officials choose to create the service, the act would allow the U.S. postmaster general, who owns logistics and freight companies that compete with the postal service, to charge a fee for digital ID services, include a physical security device for subscribers and other options.

Subscribers would not be restricted to only using a post office biometric ID account.

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