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How to get your TSP pin


You may retrieve your TSP PIN number at the TSP website below.


Choose Account Access.


You may also call the TSP ThriftLine at: 1-504-255-8777 press 2

Enter your social security number and follow the instructions.


How To Retrieve Your USPS PIN


To retrieve your USPS PIN follow these instructions:


Dial 1- 877-477-3273


Press 1 then enter your social security number


When asked to enter your PIN number just pause and then press 2.


Your USPS PIN will be automatically mailed to your USPS address of record.


Leave Earning for Career Employees



Annual Leave:

{1-3 years = 13 days}

{3-15 years = 20 days}

{after 15 years = 26 days}

*Sick Leave: {13 days per year}



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