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USPS lost all but 3 of Mass. couple’s wedding invitations, raising questions about delivery reliability

November 3, 2023


Planning a wedding is filled with milestone moments, but one of the biggest is mailing out those invitations. It can suddenly make the big day feel very real, especially once those RSVPs start rolling in.

But for that to happen, the wedding invites actually have to make it to guests.

That hasn’t been the case for Gillian Shea, who says the USPS lost 82 of the 85 invitations she mailed back in August from the Roslindale Post Office. She even made sure to have them weighed prior to mailing to make sure she applied the correct postage.

“The fact that they just seemed to have vanished into thin air is pretty frustrating,” Shea said. “It’ll make for a fun story, I guess. But right now, it doesn’t feel so fun.”

Shea says she and her fiancée spent about $500 on the missing invitations and then had to spend more money to send an electronic invitation.

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