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New Hampshire post offices helped Lewiston, Maine with backlog of deliveries

November 3, 2023


New Hampshire postal carriers delivered very practical support to their colleagues in Maine after last week’s shootings.

The attacks and the manhunt that followed shut down the Lewiston Post Office for three days.

By Sunday, officials said there was a large backlog of mail and packages to be delivered, and many carriers were also dealing with the personal difficulty of the attacks.

To help get operations back up to speed, Concord sent four mail carriers to Maine. They were joined by a carrier from Manchester.

“Extreme amounts of backlog. I believe I heard Amazon dropped 50 pallets on Sunday. They really just got back-logged with packages, mail, everything. The folks need their stuff. Medicine, bills, checks, everything, so we just stepped up to really give them a hand, to get that stuff current,” said Concord postmaster Darryl Hoover.

Hoover said that post offices are family, and when tragedy strikes, they all step up to help each other.

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