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Rally held in Compton to protest crimes against mail carriers: ‘Enough is enough’

October 5, 2023


COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) — Postal workers shouted, “Enough is enough” as they rallied through the streets of Compton Wednesday, demanding safety changes for mail carriers who say they’re getting attacked on their routes.

The National Association of Letter Carriers held a rally outside Compton’s main post office on Santa Fe Avenue to bring awareness to crimes against letter carriers.

Organizers say they’ve seen an increase in crime against letter carriers in the Compton area. Brian Renfroe, the president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, said only about 14% of federal crimes against letter carriers have been prosecuted in the last few years.

He’s hoping to change that.

“I think what happened is that during COVID, there was a lot of valuable stuff in the mail, and all the legislation that happened, stimulus checks, people have come up with these elaborate check washing schemes,” said Renfroe. “One of the things that’s very concerning is that a lot of these crimes seem to be organized. So you’ve got the people that are robbing letter carriers, not necessarily the people that are utilizing those checks once they get their hands on them. So there’s a number of layers to it.”

The group recently held rallies in Chicago and Cincinnati, and is hoping to host a national rally soon.

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