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Port Jervis community rallies behind fired mailman with 53 years of service

December 6, 2023


The Port Jervis community is rallying behind a beloved mailman who was fired last week after more than five decades of service.
Tom Calvario, 75, has been delivering mail in the community since 1970. He was Port Jervis Mayor Kelly Decker’s mail carrier years ago, according to the mayor’s Facebook post in support of Calvario.
Dozens attended a rally Wednesday morning outside of the Port Jervis Post Office on Sussex Street, and others haven taken to social media to share their upset.
Calvario, who is also a military veteran, claims his problems at work started about five years ago when a new postmaster came in.
He says he was disciplined for what he felt were minor infractions, like not turning his mail truck’s wheels at the right angle when delivering mail and failing to carry dog spray.
He says he was given a letter of termination for “unsatisfactory performance” on Nov. 28 after he was accused of not delivering the mail fast enough.
The postal worker says he received a written commendation from Post Master General Louis DeJoy for his exemplary service a few days prior.
“It’s kind of hard to understand how you’re an exemplary employee all this time and then, all of a sudden, I’m not good no more. It’s kind of sad,” said Calvario.
The U.S. Postal Service says it has no comment on “administrative actions.”
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