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Louis DeJoy Laments the Existence of USPS’ Regulator

February 3, 2023
louis dejoy

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The postmaster general jokes he would be better off without the regulatory commission, which exists to protect Americans from the Postal Service’s monopoly.

The head of the U.S. Postal Service speculated this week that his organization would run better if it were not beholden to a regulator, expressing his frustrations during a Washington conference about the roadblocks inhibiting some of his desired reforms.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy made the comments in a light-hearted manner, according to several people in attendance, though he was seriously lamenting the authority the Postal Regulatory Commission has to derail his plans. The commission sets the pricing system for USPS and must approve any rate increase postal management proposes, which drew DeJoy’s frustration during his remarks this week.

“Perhaps we’d be a lot better off if we didn’t have a PRC,” one attendee recalled DeJoy saying at the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting.

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