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Wife of USPS worker who died on the job awaiting autopsy results

June 23, 2023
2023 06 23 at 3.28 PM


We’re still waiting to learn a postal worker’s cause of death after he collapsed on the job while delivering mail in extreme heat in Dallas.

Eugene Gates’ wife says he always came prepared for the heat, bringing water, a cooler, tea and juice with him on the job. She says he always brought dedication to his work, oftentimes coming in early.

His wife says the response so far from the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t match her husband’s level of dedication.

Carla Gates now lives at her Lancaster home alone. She’s still waiting for answers from USPS and also from the medical examiner’s office.

USPS isn’t confirming at this time if Gates died of a heat-related illness, only offering a statement of condolences to FOX 4.

The Gates family is still waiting for the cause of death to be released. That could happen as soon as Friday.

Eugene leaves behind his wife, two children and multiple grandchildren.

Carla says she’s been trying to get in contact with HR at the postal service for two days now but is getting the runaround.

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