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Video: USPS driver accused of Aurora hit-and-run, T-bone crash in the same night

December 14, 2023


AURORA- Colo. — A United States Postal Service driver is accused of backing into an Aurora woman’s car and then T-boning another vehicle 30 minutes later.

“I was first appalled that they didn’t even get out to check the damage. I mean, you had to have felt it. We could hear the damage all the way from the mailbox to our camera, which was not very close,” said Amber Berguist.

Berguist went outside to check her mail on Dec. 6 and noticed her Jeep, which was parked next to the community mailbox, was damaged on its back hatch and bumper. After a few days of asking neighbors and going through her video doorbell footage, she found video of what appears to be a USPS van backing into her car then eventually taking off without as much as a note.

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