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Video shows postal worker dumping mail into trash cans

November 10, 2023


GLENDALE, Ariz. (AZFamily/Gray News) – People living in a neighborhood in Glendale, Arizona, say their mail carrier took it upon herself to toss their mail into the trash, which was all caught on a home security camera.

“Having the paper flyer is really something you’re used to and not something you want to give up,” said Todd Klingensmith, whose security cameras captured the woman throwing the mail away.

Klingensmith said he knows not everyone shares his passion for paper coupons. But everyone he’s spoken with in his neighborhood doesn’t understand how a postal worker could decide to throw dozens of pounds of advertising mail away.

“Postal carriers, trust is the No. 1 thing they’ve got going for them, you know?” he said.

Klingensmith had noticed he hadn’t been getting his coupons the last two Wednesdays. That’s when he says his regular postal carrier is usually off, and a substitute delivers the mail. He spoke to his neighbor and quickly realized he wasn’t the only one.

“Everybody in the whole area, nobody got any of their flyers,” he said. “We were checking addresses, and many of them weren’t even remotely close to where we are right now.”

Arizona’s Family contacted the U.S. Postal Service for more information on the employee in this video and if she faces any disciplinary actions but did not get any specific details. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Postal Service said they are investigating the incident.

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