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USPS trying to keep ‘job-hopping’ new hires to hold jobs for longer term

September 13, 2023
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USPS, as part of its 10-year reform plan, is trying to reduce turnover and address staffing shortages among its entry-level, pre-career workforce.

Simon Storey, USPS vice president of employee resource management, said the agency made about 142,000 new hires so far this year — about 22% of its total workforce of about 635,000 employees — but that retention of its pre-career workforce remains one of its “single-biggest issues.”

“One of the biggest things that I see with our non-career workforce, right now, is the issue around wanting a job versus wanting a career,” Storey said Tuesday at a summit on labor issues hosted by the USPS Office of Inspector General in Arlington, Virginia.  “There’s a lot of job-hopping. And so, our focus has to be continued on retaining the employees that do sign up and come on, and making sure they have a great employee experience, so they stay with us.”

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