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USPS tells Dallas congresswoman it will send new trucks to Texas — but no details of when

December 19, 2023 ,


The U.S. Postal Service told North Texas Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett it plans on deploying new, more modern vehicles to Texas in response to concerns over vehicles without air conditioning.

Crockett shared a portion of a letter her office received from the agency last week.

In it, the Postal Service says it plans on replacing some older vehicles and that “a significant percentage of new vehicles is expected to be deployed in Texas.”

The move comes after Dallas postal worker Eugene Gates died in June while working in the extreme Texas heat.

“I am grateful USPS is acknowledging the grave concerns I and my constituents have about this issue and that it appears to be taking steps to address them,” Crockett said in a statement. “While we do not know how things might have ended if Mr. Gates had access to an air-conditioned truck on that triple-digit day this past June, prioritizing newer, air-conditioned trucks to Texas is an important step in protecting our postal workers in the years to come.”

Crockett said she will continue to push for improvements towards the safety and welfare of federal employees.

Her office is planning on releasing more updates as they get them.

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