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USPS staffing woes continue as Daines and Tester seek action

September 20, 2023

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The United States Postal Service in Gallatin County has yet again received the attention of Montana’s Senators, as low staffing persists, and residents continue to report issues with their mail.

Last week, senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines issued letters to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to voice their concerns and seek solutions.

“As the Bozeman Post Office continues to face severe staffing shortages, too many Montanans are experiencing interruptions in service and it’s unacceptable,” wrote Sen. Daines, who asked that DeJoy provide a list of solutions the USPS has implemented. “I urge you to work with the Board of Governors and the broader Postal workforce to develop innovative long-term solutions to this problem.”

Resident reports have included delays, incorrect return-to-senders, missing mail, and mail delivered to the wrong address. Much of the criticism has honed in on staffing issues and inadequate wages.

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