Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

USPS regulator says DeJoy should pause all network reform efforts

July 3, 2024 ,

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The U.S. Postal Service’s regulator is calling on the mailing agency to pause all of the reform efforts it is currently undertaking, marking the first time it has formally issued such a recommendation and yet another escalation in the feud between the two entities.

The Postal Regulatory Commission expressed concern that postal management is moving forward with its plan to many aspects of its plan to consolidate mail sorting and processing despite the difficulties it has experienced rolling out those changes to date. It said the network changes should not continue until USPS can further study the impacts of the efforts. While the suggestions to not carry any obligation for the Postal Service, they continue the pressure Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has faced as he continues to implement his vision to overhaul the agency.

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