Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

USPS plans to cut $5B in costs, grow revenue to avoid running out of cash in coming years

January 31, 2024


The Postal Service is looking to cut $5 billion from its operating costs and grow its revenue by the same amount over the next two years to overcome its long-term financial challenges.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is telling the White House and Congress that implementing these plans is necessary to keep USPS from running out of cash in the coming years.

DeJoy, in a Jan.10 letter obtained by Federal News Network, told President Joe Biden and congressional leaders that USPS is “utilizing all of the self-help tools that are available to us,” and trying to get back on track with its “break-even” goal, after years of billion-dollar net losses.

“It is evident that to break even and avoid running out of cash in the next several years, we must press ahead on our financial improvement initiatives over the next two years,” DeJoy wrote. “While we have already achieved historic reductions, they are simply not enough to make us financially sustainable.”

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