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USPS murals salute military service

November 3, 2023


Three USPS employees — two in Utah and one in California — have deployed their artistic talents in service to veterans.

Norah Strebel, a mail handler with a graphic design background, created this mural at the Salt Lake City Processing and Distribution Center.

Norah Strebel, a mail handler at the Salt Lake City Processing and Distribution Center, worked as a graphic designer for 18 years before joining USPS last year. She is a veteran of the Army Reserve.


Her mural is of a handshake between a soldier and a civilian above the message “We know the meaning of service.” It’s below a row of flags — U.S. and military — at the center.

“It’s the best mural in the U.S.,” declared Eli Martinez, a maintenance operations supervisor and a veteran.

Shawn Thomas, a custodian who has been with the Postal Service for more than 21 years, transferred from Florida to Salt Lake City four years ago so he could attend art school while continuing to work full time.

He was thrilled to learn that his military-themed design got the nod to become a mural at the Salt Lake City Auxiliary Sorting Facility. The patriotic image graces a wall alongside the work floor.

“I wanted the design to show diversity and represent each branch of the military,” Thomas said.

An eye-catching mega-mural that stretches across three walls at the entrance of the Industry, CA, Processing and Distribution Center is the work of Dennis Bagonghasa, a mail handler and Army veteran.

Mail Handler Dennis Bagonghasa’s tribute to the troops stretches across three walls at the Industry Processing and Distribution Center in California.









“I was excited to do it because it was going to be my first big painted mural,” Bagonghasa said.

“You have to take a chance in life when things come up.”

Bagonghasa incorporated suggestions from colleagues, giving other workers a stake in the project.

The response has been heartening.

“We received great feedback from the employees,” said Alejandra Cruz, the plant manager who gave the nod for Bagonghasa’s design.

“I am proud of what we accomplished with this mural wall and what it represents.”

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