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USPS mail carrier fears losing her job after being attacked

April 3, 2024

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Rose: “Two ladies came downstairs. No one is supposed to come and take their mail or package or anything outside of those boxes while we’re delivering.”

But one woman decided to grab a package.

When Rose asked for I.D. or her mailbox key, she says the woman went off.

Rose: “They cursed me out, she charged at me while I was recording her, she got upset. She struck me in my face. She punched me in my face. That’s when my instant reflex went to go block, hit her back. I did anything that I could to defend myself.”

The police were called. In the report, it says the woman identified as Alexandra Remolien “was the primary aggressor.”

She was charged with battery.

Rose: “I had bruises on my arm. Then I noticed, like, my whole body was aching. I didn’t sleep that night because I was traumatized.”

Just when Rose thought things couldn’t get worse she learned she was being suspended from work.

A letter from her manager says she was placed on an “off-duty non-pay status” for “willfully delaying mail” and was told she can’t return to work until she gives an “investigative interview,” which has yet to be scheduled.

Rose: “It is no investigation to go on. The lady was charged with battery, I feel like everybody is like, against me, like I did something wrong. So basically, what they’re trying to tell me that I should of just stayed there, stayed on the floor, let the lady hit on me, beat on me?”

The manager here at the North Miami Post Office declined to comment.

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