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USPS flags more than 200 sites where it plans to consolidate delivery functions

September 7, 2022

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The Postal Service is moving ahead with plans to consolidate the delivery operations of more than 200 post offices and other facilities into large, regional hubs.

USPS management, in an Aug. 12 notice to postal unions, identified more than 200 “spoke offices” that would move their delivery operations to 21 regional Sort and Delivery Centers (S&DCs).

The consolidation plans, as announced to postal unions, will begin later this month, and will continue through February 2023.

“This process will take time,” USPS spokeswoman Kim Frum said in a statement. “The first S&DC will be operational in Athens, Georgia this fall. We are currently evaluating more than 100 new locations nationwide driven by operational and financial modeling to best serve our customers.  The Postal Service will adhere to all legal, statutory, contractual, and regulatory requirements as we evaluate a potential nationwide rollout of this initiative in the coming years.”

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