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USPS Ethics Awareness Week begins

August 11, 2023


USPS Ethics Awareness Week, an annual effort to educate employees about the importance of conducting themselves with integrity, is Aug. 14-18 this year.

In polls, the Postal Service is regularly voted the nation’s most trusted government agency. Honoring the public’s trust isn’t just the right to do, it’s also good for the bottom line: If customers lose their trust in USPS, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Here are some general tips employees can follow to help the organization maintain high ethical standards:

• Avoid making a decision on a postal contract, agreement, initiative or pilot project if it would affect your financial interests or those of your spouse or minor child.

• With some limited exceptions, don’t accept gifts from customers.

• Know the rules about the use of postal vehicles. For example, you can’t drive a USPS vehicle from your workplace to the airport for a vacation.

• Know the rules about postal computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. These devices cannot be used to view explicit content, for your outside business or second job, or for partisan political activity.

• Know the rules about Voyager credit cards, which cannot be used to purchase snacks or drinks or fuel for a personal vehicle.

• Recuse yourself if a friend, relative or spouse is seeking a USPS job, detail assignment or promotion and you have a role in the hiring or selection process.

The Postal Service offers several resources for employees who want to learn more about ethical behavior on the job, including a Blue page and a public website.

Employees should also complete their annual ethics training, and they can download the USPS Ethics App from the USPS App Store.

For more information, email the Postal Service’s ethics helpline or call 202-268-6346.

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