Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

USPS addresses delivery delays stemming from system changes at Missouri City facility

January 15, 2024


Many Houston area residents haven’t been getting their packages and mail on time. Some people are still waiting for Christmas gifts to be delivered. Others are hoping their medication reaches their doorsteps soon. Some are anxiously awaiting the arrival of expensive items.

When they track their late package to see where it is, a majority are all seeing the same roadblock: that its currently at a facility in Missouri City.

The problem has been plaguing the area for weeks. The postal service said this week it is the result of implementing USPS’s Delivering for America plan, which is trying to modernize the postal system.

“This process, as with any such transition, takes time,” USPS said in a statement. “As with any transition, some unintended and temporary disruptions may occur. We are taking steps to ensure packages are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and apologize to any customers who may be experiencing issues with delivery of their items.”

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