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USPS acknowledges some risks to its new, less-staffed holiday season approach

November 27, 2023

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The U.S. Postal Service is planning to hire just 10,000 temporary employees during the current holiday season as part of a new approach that management has acknowledged comes with some risks.

The seasonal hiring marks a 64% reduction from the employees brought on in 2022 during what USPS calls its “peak season” when the agency made 28,000 temporary hires. The agency had said it would bring on just 20,000 seasonal workers that year, but a recent USPS inspector general report found it reached a higher tally.

This will mark the second consecutive year in which the Postal Service significantly reduces its seasonal hiring. In 2021, USPS added 45,000 non-permanent staff for the holiday rush. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has said additions to the permanent, career workforce has lessened the need for such a surge. In the last two years, the agency has converted 150,000 employees from part-time workers to full-time, career personnel.

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