Sun. May 19th, 2024

US Postal inspectors asked to investigate undelivered mail found in Bexley recycling bin

April 16, 2024


U.S. Postal inspectors are being asked to look into undelivered mail discovered Friday in a recycling bin in Bexley.

“It was just fully opened mail with addresses all around the neighborhood,” said Carol Kauffman, who says she found dozens of pieces of unopened mail piled inside her recycling bin, including invitations, medical, and financial information.

“There’s a bunch of catalogs, newspapers, people have subscribed to,” she said.

Kauffman says she and her husband were alerted by their dog Stanley Friday afternoon when he started barking after a van drove into their Bexley driveway.

“The postal van had pulled all the way up our driveway and parked by our garage,” said Kauffman. “After a few minutes, I saw someone get out of the far side and dump something in our own recycling.”

Kauffman does not believe the person who dumped the mail into her recycling bin was her regular neighborhood mail carrier.

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