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U.S. Postal Service refuses to explain water bottle policy after congressmen say they stopped providing water to carriers last week

August 14, 2023 ,


SAN ANTONIO — Four U.S. Congressman sent a letter to the U.S. Postmaster General last week after letter carriers said local stations stopped providing bottled water. At the same time, San Antonio has been seeing weeks of 100+ temperatures.

KENS 5 reached out to USPS Wednesday for a response but the resulting statement didn’t address water bottles or the letter signed by by those congressmen.

The initial statement said in part, “In connection with the HIPP, the Postal Service provides mandatory heat-related and other safety training and instruction to all employees and assures they have the resources needed to do their jobs safely…” It then went on to explain the HIPP program but did not mention the recent policy change on bottled water.

KENS 5 asked for a statement that addressed the bottled water policy directly and USPS sent the following response:

“The Postal Service will provide a written response directly to the Congressional Members who inquired about water supplies and other issues in San Antonio. The statement provided to KENS yesterday is all the information we have at this time,” Communications Specialist Becky Hernandez said.

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