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Tigard man found mentally incompetent to stand trial in shooting of mail carrier in Milwaukie

December 5, 2023


A judge Tuesday found Kevin Eugene Irvine, accused of shooting a mail carrier in Milwaukie a year ago, mentally incompetent to stand trial after Irvine shared accounts of his telepathic communications.

Irvine, 32, of Tigard, admitted in court that he shot the U.S. postal worker David A. Knapp in the leg, but claimed he fired his gun in self-defense, contending that “Mr. Knapp intended to kidnap me” and cause his death as a way to gain “magical power.” Irvine claimed he was being harassed telepathically by some old high school classmates in a “ritualistic singling out for sacrificial purposes.”

“That could be a tough sell to a jury if you still believe that,” U.S. District Judge Karin J. Immergut told Irvine after questioning him about his background, thoughts and communications.

While Immergut found that Irvine is intelligent and may understand trial proceedings, she also found he suffers from a mental disease and isn’t able to assist in his own defense.

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