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This N.J. post office is a hotbed of mail fraud, stolen checks, congressman says

November 30, 2022
2022 11 30 at 4.39 PM


A New Jersey congressman says the public deserves more answers from officials about a Bergen County post office where thieves have allegedly been able to steal checks and commit mail fraud for years.

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-5th Dist., spoke outside the Teaneck post office on Palisades Avenue Tuesday, saying the location has become a hotbed for crimes that have targeted those attempting to send mail. He urged the United States Postal Service to double down on its investigation of the post office’s practices.

“The circus at the Palisades Avenue Teaneck Post Office has gone on long enough,” Gottheimer said.

He referred to reports of hundreds of stolen checks and incidents of mail fraud beginning in 2020, saying it has cost families in northern New Jersey millions of dollars.

The USPS Office of Inspector General launched an investigation which has since been delayed for months despite more reports of stolen mail, Gottheimer said.

The OIG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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