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“They are destroying the Postal Service”: USPS workers speak out on restructuring program, wage cuts, electronic monitoring

August 16, 2023
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A rural carrier from Arizona: First, to clarify something the article said: the president doesn’t appoint the Postmaster General, nor can he remove him. Only the governing board can do this.

The Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, calls his plan ‘Delivering For America.’ In reality, he is destroying the Postal Service. I’ve worked as a rural carrier for more than two decades and I’ve never seen such a mass exodus of highly capable, long term carriers. Some were able to retire as they had the age and time in. Others just decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m trying to stay for my last few years, but it’s difficult. What other company just decided they think you’re making too much money and just takes it out of your pay?!

We can’t keep new hires. They find out how hard the work is and that they sometimes have to do two routes a day sometimes 9 days straight. A certain craft store starts their new hires at the same pay, benefits and have Sundays off…and the work is indoors! No one wants to work at a company whose CEO steals from them, who makes $305k a year PLUS bonuses.

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