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The Postal Service Strikes Back in Package Delivery

October 5, 2022

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After a couple of decades in the wilderness, the US Postal Service is finding its footing as the backbone of US e-commerce, seeking to establish package delivery as its top opportunity and smartly trying to claw back revenue that it has ceded to private companies. The agency will need to steel its resolve because many companies and interest groups feed off the Postal Service and aren’t keen on change.

The Postal Service lost its way as the traditional letter — the most profitable product to deliver — slowly lost relevance to e-mail. The initial reaction from past postmasters general was to cut costs and seek to reduce service. Talks of privatization crept into the conversation. After pushback from unions, Congress and people who love the post office halted any drastic actions, a malaise took hold and financial losses in the billions of dollars piled up.
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