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The Postal Service Has Rejected Biden’s Push for More Electric Vehicles

February 23, 2022

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The agency’s decision to stick with its original plan marks “a crucial lost opportunity,” the Biden administration says.

The U.S. Postal Service is moving forward with its plan to replace the vast majority of its fleet with non-electric vehicles, defying the Biden administration and rejecting its request that USPS slow down its upcoming multi-billion dollar spending spree.

The mailing agency will continue on its current course to replace 90% of its fleet with internal combustion engine vehicles and just 10% with EVs, postal officials said on Wednesday. Management finalized its plan after releasing its “record of decision,” which rebutted complaints lodged earlier this month by the Environmental Protection Agency and the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality. In rejecting the Biden team’s arguments, USPS said the administration’s suggestions to further consider options and impacts would not yield better information or change the agency’s decisions.

Postal officials also stressed on Tuesday that 10% of the 165,000 vehicles it plans to buy is the minimum number of EVs it will procure, as the final total could vary based on costs coming down or Congress providing USPS with additional funds. In separate letters earlier this month, EPA and CEQ said the Postal Service’s award process—USPS last year selected Oshkosh Defense to manufacture at least 50,000 vehicles to modernize its fleet—has violated the National Environmental Policy Act and CEQ regulations.

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