Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

The Post Office Is a Kidnapped Man’s Last Hope in First ‘Dead Mail’ Movie Trailer

March 8, 2024

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Kyle McConaghy and Joe DeBoer know their way around the guts of an analog synthesizer. Back in their days as part of St. Louis-based band Jumping Towers, DeBoer said, “Synths would break, and we’d have to open them up and get in there.”

“We were pushing a screwdriver at the circuits and hoping something would start working,” McConaghy added, ruefully.

The filmmaking duo channeled that knowledge into South by Southwest Visions selection Dead Mail, a trip into dual obsessions in the Midwest in the mid-Eighties. First, there is Trent (John Fleck), who has dedicated his life to creating the perfect musical synthesizer. Then there are the employees at a dead letter office who dedicate their lives to getting incorrectly marked mail to its intended destination. These two compulsions – one altruistic, one twisted by mania – crash into each other in a tale of kidnapping, murder, and digital pipe organs.

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