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The latest Lunar New Year stamp is here

January 25, 2024 ,


The Postal Service will release its Year of the Dragon stamp on Thursday, Jan. 25.

The stamp is part of the Lunar New Year series, which honors an annual observance in many Asian cultures and the United States.

Beginning on the night of the second new moon following the winter solstice, the festival celebrates the coming of spring and the promise of renewal with parades, parties, fireworks, customary foods and gifts.

This year’s festival marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, the fifth of the 12 animals associated with the Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Dragon begins Feb. 10 and ends Jan. 28, 2025.

Dragons are the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac. Considered by many to be the most auspicious sign in the zodiac, people born in the Year of the Dragon are said to be successful, wise and powerful.

The stamp features a dragon mask. Gold and red are the predominant colors — with gold signifying prosperity in the coming year, and red representing good fortune.

Referencing the ornate masks used in Lunar New Year parades, the series offers a contemporary take on the tradition of paper folk-art created during this time of year.

Antonio Alcalá, an art director for USPS, designed the stamp with original artwork by Camille Chew.

The Postal Service’s two previous Lunar New Year stamp series ran from 1992-2004 and from 2008-2019.

The current series began in 2020 with Year of the Rat, which was followed by the Ox, Tiger and Rabbit.

The Year of the Dragon stamp will be available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and usps.com.

The Postal Service will dedicate the stamp Jan. 25 during a ceremony in Seattle

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