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Texas Man Sentenced to 90 Months in Federal Prison for Robbery of a Postal Worker

April 16, 2024

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United States Attorney Ronald C. Gathe, Jr. announced that U.S. District Judge Brian A. Jackson sentenced Tarek Sonnier, age 26, a resident of Fresno, Texas, to 90 months in federal prison following his conviction for robbery of personal property of the United States.  The Court further sentenced Sonnier to serve three years of supervised release following his term of imprisonment.

According to admissions made as part of his guilty plea, on October 6, 2021, at approximately 4:00 p.m., the victim postal worker was delivering mail in her capacity as a USPS mail carrier.  Sonnier, who had been waiting behind a tree near the rear of the USPS vehicle, crossed the street with a red letter.  The victim noticed Sonnier as he crossed the street, looked in his face, and asked him if he had to mail something.  When he got close to the victim, Sonnier pepper sprayed the victim and snatched USPS keys from her.  The keys included a set of USPS Promaster truck keys and a USPS Arrow Key.  Sonnier and his accomplice then fled in a silver Camaro.

Surveillance camera footage across the street from the incident captured the robbery.  The surveillance footage captured a silver Camaro with distinctive damage to the rear passenger side drive pass by, then a few minutes later an individual, later identified as Sonnier, walk down the street and wait behind a tree near the rear of the USPS vehicle.  Sonnier was dressed in a black shirt, and black sweatpants with white stripes halfway down the sides.  The surveillance video also captured the robbery.  In addition, a witness saw the silver Camaro with distinctive damage to rear passenger side prior to the robbery.  Also, footage from several surveillance cameras in the area captured the silver Camaro with damage to the rear passenger side.

On October 7, 202l, at approximately 2:30 pm, near 2000 Lobdell Dr., BRPD conducted a lawful traffic stop on a silver Camaro.  This silver Camaro had distinctive damage to the rear passenger side.  The driver of the vehicle was Sonnier.  On October 8. 2021, BRPD executed a search warrant on the Camaro and located notable evidence that included the following: (1) USPS truck keys, (2) black adidas sweatpants with a stripe that goes half-way down the side, (3) stolen

U.S. mail, checks, and money orders; numerous checks were from Houston and postmarked from September 202l, but many were also dated October 6, 2021 and from Baton Rouge, and (4) bottles of “Wite Out” and “Heet,” which are both commonly used to alter checks.  In addition, on October 7, 2021, the victim selected Sonnier out of a photo lineup as the person that robbed her.

This case was investigated by the United States Postal Service and Baton Rouge Police Department and was prosecuted by Assistant United States Jeremy S. Johnson.

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