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Texas man busts Marion post office window for ‘political reasons’

November 22, 2023


As officers began to investigate the Marion matter, Det. Brian Sexton said they got a call from Wythe County deputies, who said a man they had detained had admitted to breaking the window.

Wythe County Chief Deputy Anthony Cline said the man, identified as 46-year-old Will Adrian Samuels, had stopped at a rest area in Rural Retreat, where he bragged about the vandalism and another traveler called the police.

According to a complaint filed with Samuels’ arrest warrant, a large rock had been smashed through the interior window of the post office’s entrance, also causing damage to the cover of a heating unit inside.

Samuels told Wythe County deputies that he busted the window “due to political reasons,” the complaint says, noting that a Wythe deputy advised the Marion officer that Samuels’ admission was also captured on body camera footage.

It is unclear at this time what those political reasons were.

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