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Stolen-Mail Scheme Now Targeting a Wealthy DC Suburb

May 4, 2022


According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service advisory for the Department of Justice, the trend of stolen checks being linked to a “significant increase” in armed robberies of USPS letter carriers using arrow keys to steal arrow keys, which can open most mailboxes across ZIP codes . In some cases, a zip code can encompass an entire city. The primary motive behind these robberies, the March 7 advisory stated, is financial theft: “criminals are stealing mail … checks, financial instruments and personal information to commit bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and identity theft. to obtain identification information.”

Officials say mail theft has long been a problem, but so is the use of stolen arrow keys to target USPS mailboxes New. Law enforcement officials say it is not immediately clear why such thefts have increased.

Georgia State University’s evidence-based cybersecurity research group has spent the past two years collecting evidence on the Internet of checks stolen from the mail, saying this type of crime has increased dramatically over the past three to four months. .

Then it started spreading across the country, with the DC area recently becoming a new hot spot.

On these platforms, the team saw about 24 checks from Maryland in October, 98 in December and 431 in January. They’ve seen a similar trend for DC: 12 checks in October, nine in December, then 82 in January. He says that in the absence of law enforcement and attention to the issue, he expects these numbers to rise.

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