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Shaheen Pushes Postmaster DeJoy to Increase Security & Verification Tools to Combat Fraudulent Requests to Change Addresses

September 12, 2022
2022 09 12 at 4.18 PM

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**Letter comes on heels of instances of constituents whose addresses were changed & mail redirected without their knowledge**

(Washington, DC) – U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) sent a letter to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy regarding instances of change of address requests filed without Granite Staters’ knowledge. Despite increasing rates of change of address fraud and concerns around procedures to verify individuals who request address changes, reports found the U.S. Postal Service has not implemented effective verification controls for such procedures.

“My office has received troubling reports from two constituents whose personal information has been used to file change of address requests with the Postal Service, which subsequently rerouted their mail to unknown recipients without the constituents’ knowledge. These incidents raise concerns around the security of the Postal Service’s change of address procedure and the agency’s ability to confirm the identity of individuals making such requests,” Shaheen wrote.

Shaheen also asked Postmaster DeJoy how the Postal Service ensures that online change of address procedures are secure and what additional steps can be taken to prevent change of address fraud.

She continued: “I would appreciate answers to the following questions: How does the Postal Service ensure that the online change of address procedure is secure? What additional measures may need to be implemented in order to secure this process for customers? What action is the Postal Service taking to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future?”


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