Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Problem solved for Waterford man after video showed mail carrier driving on his lawn

July 9, 2024

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WATERFORD — It’s been less than two weeks since 7 News Detroit visited him to share his story of the Waterford United States Postal Service drivers driving on his sidewalk and lawn to deliver his mail.

“I’m so happy, you have no idea, the change that you guys made, not only to my house, but for other residents in Waterford, has me elated, absolutely elated,” said Benny Hunt

He said the were shocked.

“They didn’t know that I have been complaining and making police reports because their employees were just brushing it under the rug. She says that it was never supposed to be driven, they were taught wrong to begin with and they’re following wrong direction. It’s a complete safety hazard for a mail carrier to be driving down a public sidewalk,” he said.

Hunt shared that the deputy general postmaster has given him the opportunity to choose for himself where he wants his mailbox.

He’s told it will now be delivered as part of a walking route, as it should be.

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