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Postmaster General says on-time delivery is up to 80% at Palmetto facility, but Ossoff wants better

June 20, 2024

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ATLANTA — The Postmaster General says on-time delivery rates at the beleaguered Palmetto post office facility are up over 80%, but Georgia’s U.S. senator says it’s still not good enough.

Jon Ossoff told Channel 2′s Richard Elliot that he’s not going to let up on the post office until things get better in Palmetto.

Even on Juneteenth, the Palmetto postal facility remained busy. It is the hub for metro Atlanta.

But ever since its opening in February, Channel 2 Action News has detailed many of the problems plaguing the facility, including video showing a sorting machine flinging packages onto the floor.

“So, it’s 92 days ago,” is how long ago Patrick Freeman said he sent a car title to his son by certified mail.

That mail is sitting in Pennsylvania for some reason. He told Elliot that he’s not angry, just frustrated to the point he wants to hear how the Postmaster General plans to fix this.

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