The Terrible Fuel Economy of New Postal Service Trucks Is Almost Illegal

The current fleet of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) trucks is old and has been in urgent need of a replacement for some time. The agency is buying 165,000 new trucks but has come under fire for doing so. The trucks in production from Oshkosh Defense are critically late and very pricey, with poor fuel economy ratings. Additionally, only 10% of them are projected to be electric.

Why is the USPS buying trucks that get such poor gas mileage that they’re barely legal? Were these trucks intentionally designed to poorly manage fuel costs and pollution?


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We at the US Postal Service can do as we damn well please. Labor laws don’t apply, OSHA laws don’t apply, ethics don’t apply, fuel economy certainly doesn’t apply.

These things are a joke-designed by rube goldberg-being built by non-unionplant-by a company with no experience…….Any one of the big us automakers could easily have adjusted some of their van designs and made something better, cheaper, more efficient and costing less…