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USPS seeks to fill 2,800 supervisor positions

April 27, 2022


The Postal Service is now accepting applications for front-line supervisory positions, which can be a steppingstone for many employees on their career paths.

The organization currently has approximately 2,800 Executive and Administrative Schedule Level 17 supervisory positions available. Both career and noncareer employees are eligible to apply for the positions, which are posted every Tuesday.

Positions include:

• Supervisor, customer services;

• Supervisor, distribution operations;

• Supervisor, maintenance operations; and

• Supervisor, transportation operations.

Front-line supervisory positions provide an opportunity to learn, develop new skills and make lasting contributions to the organization. These are among the most challenging, yet rewarding, positions within the organization.

Many USPS leaders, including Dr. Josh Colin, chief retail and delivery officer, previously worked as front-line supervisors.

“Have a plan and a goal for your career,” Colin said. “Take on the tough assignments — it’s the way to build skills, learn the business and elevate your understanding of the organization.”

To further support potential applicants, a virtual career fair for front-line supervisory jobs will be conducted once a month, beginning in May and running through August. USPS will share more information regarding these events in the coming weeks.

Career employees can use eCareer to apply for front-line supervisory positions, while noncareer employees can apply at

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