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Postal worker saves trapped kitten, wins $717,500 from state lottery

August 25, 2023


A Washington man won $717,500 playing the Washington Lottery’s Hit 5 draw game the same day he saved a trapped cat. We’ll call that, good karma.

After rescuing a helpless kitten later named Peaches, Joseph Waldherr from Tacoma felt inspired and decided to play the state lottery game.

According to the Lottery, Waldherr was on his way to work at the post office on July 31 when he heard a meowing sound. After desperately searching in all directions, he couldn’t locate the source of the sound. Eventually, he discovered a kitten trapped in a tight space. He gently removed the kitten from its predicament and nestled it in his sweatshirt pocket. The kitten slept soundly for the remainder of Waldherr’s shift in his warm and cozy pocket.

After experiencing the heartwarming rescue, Waldherr stopped at Park Avenue Foods on South Park Avenue in Tacoma where he purchased his winning ticket.

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