Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Postal worker imposter accused of stealing packages in multiple states arrested in Arizona

June 20, 2024


A California man and one other person accused of stealing from post offices in multiple states have been arrested in Arizona.

Earlier this month at a Queen Creek post office location, someone wearing a mail carrier uniform reportedly stole outgoing mail and drove away in an SUV, according to police documents. Investigators then became aware of a similar incident that occurred at a Chandler post office.

During the course of the investigation, it was learned that other mail theft incidents happened in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. The suspect in those cases matched the suspect description in the Arizona incidents.

Witnesses were able to get a license plate number from the suspect vehicle during one of the local thefts and the vehicle was tracked to a hotel in Phoenix. Inside the vehicle, police officers noticed blue clothing that looked like a mail carrier uniform. Two people were then taken into custody.

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