Sun. May 19th, 2024

Postal manager stole drugs from mail, let coworker snort cocaine off his desk, feds say

April 25, 2024


A former U.S. Post Office manager accused of dealing drugs he stole from packages has pleaded guilty to federal charges and faces prison time — as well as a $5 million fine, according to prosecutors.

The man took advantage of his management position at the Greece, New York, post office to take packages containing drugs, including marijuana, out of the mail stream between May 2018 and May 2022, prosecutors said.

While in the privacy of his office, he emptied the packages of the drugs, then placed the parcels back into the mail stream and brought the substances to his home in Rochester, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York.

He’s accused of distributing marijuana and cocaine from the mail throughout Rochester with the help of his former girlfriend, who was also a U.S. Postal Service employee, the U.S. attorney’s office said in May 2022, when prosecutors announced both of their arrests.

The man’s office was no longer private by March 2022, when a court order allowed investigators to legally install two hidden cameras inside, according to an affidavit. The cameras captured him taking substances out of packages from the USPS mail stream and “supplying” his co-workers with the “suspected narcotics,” the affidavit states.



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