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Postal employees receive awards at the Wellsboro PA Post Office

April 11, 2024


Post Office Operating Manager Tim Miller and Senior Safety Specialist Lora Halpin visited the Wellsboro Post Office on Thursday, April 6 to distribute safety awards.

The awards indicate how long an employee has gone without an accident. The awards were distributed as follows:

One year: Branda Cole and Carl Netterman Jr.; two years: Nicole Aufiero, Theresa Brooks, Stephanie Matteson, Morgan Starkweather and Julie Sticklin; three years: Steven Thompson; four years: Jacalyn Sprouse; five years: Sherry Alexander and Julie Faivre; seven years: Victoria Houghtaling; nine years: David Richardson; 17 years: Greg Snyder; 25 years: James Eberly; 26 years: Christopher Lohr and Charlene Sampson; 27 years: Jeanne Walker; and 33 years: James Ace.

Eberly and Snyder also received HR Sick Leave awards for banking 1,250 hours and 1,000 hours of sick leave, respectively.

Donald Perry received an Executive and Administrative Safety award for 10 years without an accident. Bonnie Rogers received the EAS safety award for 18 years without an accident.

Debbie Schoonover received the Million Mile award on Thursday. This award is given when an employee achieves 30 years without an accident. Schoonover has served 33 years with a perfect record.

Miller noted that although there have been 64 accidents in PA District 1, to which Wellsboro belongs, “our district is the second-to-last in accidents.”

Miller and Halpin encouraged postal workers to conduct daily vehicle inspections and to take safety seriously.

“We want you to come home to your family at the end of the day the same way you left them,” said Halpin.

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