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PMG discusses strategies, progress at event

July 28, 2022


Postmaster General Louis DeJoy participated in an event this week in Washington, DC, to discuss the reinvigoration and transformation of the Postal Service.

DeJoy focused on the organization’s progress under the Delivering for America plan, including ongoing improvements to the USPS processing network and transportation strategies.

He also highlighted efforts to become financially self-sufficient, improve service reliability, reduce performance costs, increase revenue and create productive career paths for employees.

“My position has been that as an independent agency that serves the American people, the Postal Service was not just given the responsibility to deliver the mail — it was also entrusted with the responsibility to give the organization long-term viability,” DeJoy said.

“That is what we are now doing under the heading of the Delivering for America plan. We have a position on just about everything that involves our service, we have staked most of them out, and we are proceeding in a very deliberate manner, as if we are in charge of the place — because we are.”

The one-hour session was moderated by Kevin Kosar, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the conservative public policy think tank that organized the event.

Postal Service employees can watch a recording of the discussion on the AEI website.

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