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Parcel carriers’ on-time performance recovers to pre-COVID levels

October 6, 2023

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After a slow start this year, last-mile carriers appear to have finally recovered service-wise from the unprecedented volume surges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, which bodes well for their peak season performance.

On-time performance generally declines during the peak season, particularly in December as delivery activity spikes and inclement weather hobbles operations, project44 said. But carriers are in better shape to handle those bumps in the road now than in previous years, according to the report.

“The capacity required to accommodate peak volume is readily available, and shippers have diligently diversified their carrier portfolios, ensuring ample options for delivering packages to customers’ doorsteps,” project44 said.

Strong on-time performance will be an especially important metric for carriers this peak season, as they look to attract and retain more volume in a market that has tilted in shippers’ favor.

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