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News/Media Alliance Submits Comments on Latest Postal Hikes

May 13, 2024 ,

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The News/Media Alliance submitted comments to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on May 9 regarding the continuing concern of rate increases on periodicals. Due to the underwater surcharge, the average rate increase for Outside County is 9.758% and 9.701% for In-County. If approved, those increases will result in compounded increases of 50 percent since August 2021. The Alliance is working with Congress and numerous stakeholders on legislation to address the underwater surcharge and rates.

Representative Angie Craig (D-MN), a former journalist, sent a letter  to PRC Chairman, Michael Kubayanda, on April 24 expressing that the rate increases are absurd and have come with unacceptable service levels. She also asked for a pause in rate increases and for the Board to step in. In its response, the PRC stated that they have heard numerous complaints and as a result voted unanimously to begin a new rulemaking to reconsider the rate setting system two years earlier than the anticipated start date.

On May 3, the PRC issued an order directing the Postal Service to either show cause within 20 days as to why an advisory opinion was not warranted for the initiatives being implemented under its Delivering for America plan or file a request for an advisory order within 40 days. The Postal Service is required to file a request for changes that will impact service on a nationwide basis.

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