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NAPS NPA Update: Follow the Money, Which Isn’t Always Easy

October 25, 2023


As chair of the NAPS Executive Board PFP Committee, I want to pass along some committee information about the FY23 NPA program. The committee has met with Don Flak and Bruce Nicholson from USPS Headquarters this fiscal year at the spring board meeting in late March and on July 5 via Zoom to discuss FY23 NPA.

We got some answers to our questions. But for many questions, we didn’t get answers and still are waiting for answers; this is early September.

As you know, this fiscal year has been full of rate changes, a new service category for parcels and numerous network changes with RPDCs and S&DCs taking place. So, during our NPA meetings with USPS Headquarters, we asked when the rate case, new parcel service category and network changes were established (last fall?) and how all these events were forecasted (i.e., costs, service scores, revenue, etc.).

We were told the Postal Service develops an Integrated Financial Plan (IFP) every fiscal year. Know what? Everything is planned in the IFP in the fall for the upcoming new fiscal year—everything. Really, no matter what happens, it is planned before the year happens. Basically, nothing happens unless it’s planned before the fiscal year in the IFP.

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