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NAPS Executive VP says they were fooled by PMG Dejoy

November 7, 2022
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Let’s look at some comparisons. Remember the old regimes’ POStPlan, station and branch consolidations, mail processing AMPs, facility closures and district consolidations? In the third decade of the 21st century, we now have Sorting and Delivery Centers (S&DCs), whereby craft employees will relocate to large “super centers.” The consolidated post offices left behind, including their customers and EAS employees, face an uncertain future.

Do you remember the RIFs that EAS employees faced in the old regimes? Well, what was the first thing the new regime instituted on taking office? Correct, it was an EAS RIF. Remember when the old regime downgraded service, specifically First-Class? Well, under the new regime, service again has been downgraded, placed on slower transportation (sorry, it’s called Logistics under the new regime), with increased costs.

Let’s see, higher cost for slower service? How do you get around that under the new regime? Well, you simply lower the bar so now, 92% service is considered on time, when it used to be 98%.

Remember how you were treated as an EAS employee under the old regime—discipline, threats, harassment? Well, that hasn’t changed under the new regime either, although we were promised it would. In fact, it probably has grown worse.

And who can forget the loss of pay under the old regime, which brought us Pay for Performance and slowly, over the years, took wealth from our pockets. Today, we still have PFP. But it now may be morphing into a process in HERO whereby your pay increase is based solely on your boss rating you from 1-5 (say what?), with the highest pay increase capped at 4%; lump-sum payouts are all the rage. How many of you really believe the Postal Service will allow an unlimited number of “box 5s?”

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