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NALC – Customer Connect has been upgraded

September 20, 2022
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In July, city letter carriers were able to begin entering their own customer connect leads and receiving feedback on their submitted leads through the Mobile Delivery Device (MDD), when they are on street mode under option “U”.  City letter carriers now will also have the ability to enter their own leads and access their individual Lead Status Report through one of the following online options when logging in using their 8-Digit Employee Identification Number (EIN).

  • City letter carriers without ACE access can enter a lead through the “Submit a Lead” hyperlink on the USPS LiteBlue website
  • Employees with ACE computer access can use the “Submit a Lead” hyperlink on the USPS main Blue page, found the “Featured Topics” tab

By enabling city letter carriers to have access to their individual Lead Status Report, carriers can now follow their leads as they go through the sales process. They will know when and why a lead is closed, or when a lead was successfully sold and how much revenue was generated from their submitted lead.

For those city letter carriers who do not wish to enter their own leads, they can continue to follow the current process of submitting a completed Lead Card to their supervisor, manager or postmaster for entry.

These changes will shorten the lead follow up processes and improve the overall customer experience.

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