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NALC contract negotiations update

May 12, 2023


On Feb. 22, NALC and the Postal Service officially opened collective bargaining for the 2023 USPS-NALC National Agreement. Since then, ongoing bargaining committee discussions as well as main table negotiations have taken place on specific issues that affect city letter carriers.

As part of the bargaining process, members of the NALC Executive Council—resident officers, national business agents (NBAs) and trustees—along with letter carrier staff members from NALC Headquarters were each assigned to bargaining committees. Those bargaining committees, utilizing their own experiences as well as ideas and concerns heard from the NALC membership, worked vigorously to craft bargaining proposals designed to improve the working conditions of city letter carriers. As of yesterday, all those initial bargaining proposals have been crafted and officially submitted to USPS for consideration.

The current agreement between NALC and USPS is set to expire at midnight on May 20. As a push to reach agreement on those proposals, as well as an economic package that rewards letter carriers for their hard work, NALC and USPS representatives will spend the final week meeting day and night at a Washington, D.C. metro area hotel.

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